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Testimonials: ACE Homoeopathy


Testimonial given by-Self.

I was a person who was totally depended on Allopathic medicines and was not willing to try Homeopathy as I thought it is a slow process. But Dr.Amita your medicines helped me a lot, it helped me for my knee joint pains, migraine, constipation. Every month I used to suffer from migraine and was in bed for 2- 3 days, the medicines which I took from you in September 2011 helped me a lot. I am much better now. I was not getting proper sleep, your medicines helped a lot.I would recommend people to go with Homeopathy as it does not have any side effects. I used to take too much Allopathic medicines for my migraine and by taking those pain killers I started suffering from severe gastric.

Yasmin HuqAge: 46yrs Place: Abu Dhabi Ailment: Osteoarthritis.


Testimonial given by-Self.

I have been taking treatment from Dr Amita since almost 2 yrs and I have felt a difference in my Psoriasis.I was 5 yrs old since I was suffering with Psoriasis.Now I am much better with Homoeopathic medicines.

Mr. BhaveshAge: 15yrs Place: Sec. 31, Gurgaon Ailment: Psorisis


Testimonial given by-Self.

I am a patient of asthma.I am taking treatment from Dr Amita since Nov 2010 I had tried many homoeopathy and allopathic clinics.I didn’t get any kind of improvement.But in your clinic Dr Amita I am getting better day by day.Now I don’t use inhaler at all.Thanks so much for taking care of me.I wish you all the best for your future.

Harish NehraAge: 28yrs Place: Sukhrali, Gurgaon Ailment: Asthama


Testimonial given by-Self.

I was suffering with Hairfall and started taking treatment from Dr Amita since Jan 2011.I have found the treatment to be quite effective and hope that by next year I will be completely cured..

Anjuli AggarwalAge: 40yrs Place: Sector 43, Gurgaon Ailment: Hairfall


Testimonial given by-Mother.

I have been taking treatment for my son since almost 1 and a half year.He is suffering with Allergic Bronchitis.I am very much satisfied with the way my son is responding.Earlier he was on Puffs,Asthalin and Seroflo for his allergic attacks.But now all is under control with Dr Amita’s medicines.I would like to recommend all allergic patients to see Dr Amita for their treatment.I am quite sure even they will be benefited.

Shaurya ParmarAge: 4 Yrs. Place: South City 2,Gurgaon. Ailment: Allergic Bronchitis


Testimonial given by-Self

am patient of Dr Amita since a very long time.Almost since 2007.Dr Amita is extremely conscientious and sincere doctor.Extremely competent,very experienced.She is very adept in patiently listening to the description of the symptoms and concerns of all patients.She exudes a lot of comfort and confidence in her patients.Thanks to her indepth knowledge and hands on experience in field of Homoeopathy.I wish her all success in her noble Endeavours.

Mukesh GroverAge: 53 Yrs. Place: Shushant Lok 1, Gurgaon. Ailment: Skin Allergies, Respiratory Allergies


Testimonial given by-Self

Since I started the treatment for my sinus,I could see results very fast.No Sinus pain.Get to seek my Normal life.Very pleased.

Mr. RogerAge: 69 Yrs. Place: DLF - II, Gurgaon. Ailment: Sinustics


Testimonial given by-Mother

I have been taking treatment from Dr Amita for my son and myself since almost 1 and a half years.We have faith in goodness of Dr Amita’s treatment.My child was frequently suffering from cold,cough,and fever.But during this one year healthplan that Dr Amita had advised his health and immunity improved.Did not require any antibiotics during this period.

Naman MaheshwariAge: 6 Yrs. Ailment: Allergic Cough / Cold


Testimonial given by-Mother.

I Saira Jacob is taking treatment for my son Joshua since 3/7/10.Experiance with Ace Homoeopathy is good.Dr Amita is available all the time.Very accessible on phone.She is approachable and gives a sense of assurance.The medicines are also convinient to give.Thanks.

Mt Joshua jacobAge: 2yrs 9 months. Place: South City,Gurgaon. Ailment: Allergic Cough/Low immunity.


Testimonial given by-Self

I had been suffering from mutiple ailments such as Renal pain,allergies etc.I am taking treatment from Ace Homoeopathy since May 2010 and there has been appreciable relief.I hope i will be better in future.Thanks to Ace Homoeopathy.

Mr Nitin.Age: 24yrs Place: Sector-4 Gurgaon. Ailment: Renal colic/Allergies.


Testimonial given by-Self.

1.Friendly atmosphere
2.Smiling and Sympathetic doctor.
3.Effective medicines
4.Have got lot of relief from problems I came with.

Dipankar deyAge: 50yrs place: Ardee City Gurgaon


Testimonial given by-Father Mr.Ved Goel.

I am taking treatment from Dr Amita for my son and daughter.
Both of my child was suffering from cold/cough/Running nose and we had to nebulise frequently.There is a good improvememnt during last five months and we are qute satisfied with the treatment given by Dr.Amita

Ayushi goel and arnav goelAge: 6yrs and 3 yrs respectively. place: Gurgaon


Testimonial given by-Self.

I am taking treatment from Dr Amita since July 2010.I was suffering from Piles and after taking medicine i have found lot of relief within a week.Dr Amita listens to you very patiently and gives sufficient time to you in each appointment.I have got alot of relief and would recommend Ace Homoeopathy to everyone.

Monisha Sajjan Age: 30yrs. Place: Gurgaon. Ailment: Piles


Testimonial given by-Self.

Its always been good experiance coz I have been taking treatment for my medical problems.Medicines are really effective and Dr Amita Arora is very approachable.Thanks.

Daniya hashmiAge: 22yrs place: Sushat lok,gurgaon. Ailment: Hormonal


Testimonial given by-Self.

i am taking treatment from Dr Amita for myself Doctor Amita is an excellent doctor.She understands the patients problems and gives good,effective medicines.Apart from being a good doctor she is a good human being.We are very fond of her.God Bless.

Indrani deyAge: 45yrs place: Ardee City Gurgaon

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